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Unique Designer Engagement Rings

If its special to you, its special to us

Atelier Design is a bespoke jewellery designer specialising in custom designed, handmade and totally unique engagement rings, wedding rings, commitment rings, eternity rings. All our jewellery is custom made for each client's style and budget

We put all our enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge into making every piece of jewellery special and individual - so whether you want an engagement ring, wedding ring, or even bridal jewellery or a christening gift, or simply a special treat for yourself, you can be assured that we'll work with you to make your bespoke jewellery as special and memorable as the day or occassion you'd like it to celebrate

It's your celebration of love !  All our engagement rings and wedding rings are custom made, individual to you and never repeated - that's our guarantee

All our bespoke wedding and engagement rings are designed and handmade at our own premises to the highest standards. Because we know you want your rings to be special, we NEVER use pre-bought or mass produced cast parts;  we simply design each individual ring, for you and you only

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Making Designer Engagement Rings

Why Choose Us?

We at Atelier Designer Engagement Rings have over 20 years experience in designing and making bespoke jewellery.

  • All our jewellers and goldsmiths have university degrees from respected jewellery making courses
  • Atelier Design is considered the leader in our field with the latest computer aided design (CAD) technology for jewellery
  • We have expert knowledge of precious and semi-precious stones and stocks of unusual, fancy and rare gemstones
  • Our reputation for quality, expertise, knowledge and excellent customer service precedes us
  • High Street location in the picturesque market town of Newark on Trent near Nottingham, UK with very good rail and major road access

We make unique engagement rings that are custom made specially for you

Designer Engagement Rings

Our custom made engagement rings are individual to you.  If you have a design of your own or even just a simple idea which you can either explain to us or draw roughly, then we can turn that into reality for you 

Even if you just want an engagement ring that is a little bit more unusual than you see on the high street but you don't have a clue where to start, we can help you by taking you through the process of defining and consolidating your thoughts into a design for an unusual engagement ring which will be one of a kind, unique and special to you

With well over 1000 engagement rings and unparalleled expertise in design and knowledge of jewellery styles to our name, we have the ability to literally make your dream ring for you.  You can see some examples of our rings in our engagement rings galleries

If you can dream it - we can make it

As we explained above, we can make rings by hand forging or by state of the art computer aided design (CAD), whichever is most suitable for your idea or design.  And contrary to popular belief, engagement rings aren't all just about diamonds - we can show you a wealth of other stones that are great for engagement rings and even some rare and interesting stones which we have in stock - see our brief gemstone guide for more information on gemstones that are suitable for engagement rings

No matter what your budget is, we can help make your unique handmade engagement ring into something you will treasure.  Click this link to go to our bespoke engagement rings page where you will find all the information you need, and don't be afraid to ask us anything, no matter how basic you might think it is - we are here to help - our contact details can be found in the left menu and here

For more information online, see our brief guides to choosing an engagement ring and our bespoke engagement ring case studies

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

A wedding ring doesn't have to be a traditional band, although if that is what you want you can have that too!  We do have examples of standard wedding rings and our own range of unusual wedding rings which we will make for you to order, though most of our rings are bespoke one off designs for clients who want totally unique wedding rings specific to them.

As with the engagement rings, you can have literally any wedding ring style or design you want - with over 1000 bespoke designs under our belt, there isn't anything we can't do either by hand forging or using our computer aided design (CAD).  Using this misture of technology and traditional methods, your wedding bands can be:

  • Tailored to fit around your engagement ring even if you didn't buy your engagement ring from us
  • Made in any shape, width, type of gold, silver, palladium or platinum
  • Textured, plain, hammered, engraved, cut out, thin, flat, rounded, chunky, or have any pattern or design you want on it from dragons and snales to coastlines, architecture and fingerprints; and of course you can have it in any ring size no matter how small or how big
  • All metal, or metal combined with stones

If you can dream it, we can make it.  If you don't really know what you want, but you think you want something unusual and unique, then we can help you consolidate your thoughts and design the perfect wedding ring for you ... and especially for you and no-one else.

Click here for more about our bespoke wedding rings - if you would like to see a few of our designs, you can go straight to the wedding ring gallery

For more information, see our guide to choosing a wedding ring and our wedding ring case studies

Commitment Rings

Commitment Rings

Commitment rings are a speciality, and all our rings are bespoke made to order so that your special design is never repeated.  As with all our rings, they can be made by hand forging or using computer aided design (CAD), whichever method is suited to the individual project.

Some couples like matching rings, and we can come up with a variety of designs to your specifications, adding a tiny touch to each ring to make it different if required.

If you prefer non matching commitment rings we can do that too. We can incorporate designs of your choice - symbols or talismans personal to you, for example; rings based around your favourite film theme, music or lifestyle.  In fact, anything your heart desires, we can make for you in any precious metal in any ring size.

Click the link for more about our commitment rings.  See our guide to choosing your commitment rings and our commitment ring case study

Eternity Rings

Eternity Rings

Traditionally, eternity rings were dress rings, though now it is more common to think of them as a milestone of marriage.  Typically, it is more cost effective to use CAD (computer aided design) to make eternity rings but, as with all our rings, we will decide which method is best for the manufacture of your eternity rings with you.

Eternity rings can be:

  • traditional - a band with a ring of gemstones (usually diamonds) set around it
  • A half eternity - a band with gemstones set half way round
  • modern - any design you like, see our eternity rings gallery for inspiration
  • Designed to fit around a wedding or engagement ring
  • Click here for more about our bespoke made eternity rings.  See our guide to choosing eternity rings and our eternity ring case study

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