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Our Unusual Commitment Rings

Atelier Design is run by one of the UK's leading jewellery CAD designers. Our wide range of experience means that we can help you with any commitment ring design from the ultra modern, to a ring based on a roman or greek design.  We specialise in commitment rings for couples who like unique design

As with wedding rings, commitment rings don't have to be traditional bands, although if that is what you want you can have that too !  They can be made in any metal with any texture, pattern or inscription on them (either by hand or using our state of the art CAD/CAM), they can have gemstones and be of any shape or size you desire.

Commitment rings are a speciality. Some couples like matching rings, and we can come up with a variety of designs to your specifications, perhaps adding a tiny touch to each ring to make it unique or unusual. If you prefer unusual, commitment rings which are individual, we can do that too - come to us to talk about what you'd like. We can incorporate designs of your choice - symbols or talismans personal to you, rings based around your favourite film theme, music or lifestyle. No commission is to difficult for us (but we love a challenge so come see us !)

You can see our unique commitment rings gallery here, our guide to choosing your commitment rings here, our introduction to how we design commitment rings here and our commitment ring case study here

Choosing your commitment rings

Things to consider when choosing your commitment rings include:

DESIGN:   like any ring, a commitment ring will need to fit with your lifestyle and personality, as well as fitting your budget.  Like clothes , jewellery is a statement of your personal style. Would you like your commitment ring to be:

  • Traditional - a simple band, perhaps flat or D shaped curved
  • Modern - textured, patterned, stone set, asymmetrical, chunky, your own design, etc
  • Designed - a matching pair or unusual commitment rings unique to you

METAL:   Another important consideration for your choice of commitment rings is metal. Your choice of metal will be down to colour preferance, durability and budget.  See our metal guide for the main types of metal used in jewellery, along with come basic facts about them. can produce the ring of your dreams.

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Designing your commitment rings

Many of our clients come to us when all else has failed - they've tried traditional jewellers, and even looked at jewellers who specialise in wedding and engagement ring design and drawn a blank.   Why?  Most jewellers still rely on hand drawn images to show you how your finished commission will look leaving a bridge between their drawing and your imagination.

Whilst we too can draw designs by hand, our state of the art CAD/CAM (computer aided design /manufacture) technology leaves nothing to your imagination - using our design knowledge and expertise we can create, with ease, jewellery that many master goldsmiths would find challenging or impossible - and most importantly, before we've even sat down at the jewellers bench to start work you'll have seen beautiful photographic quality images of your piece which will only be bettered by the real thing.

You might think this sounds expensive, but actually it saves our time and resources and in turn saves your money.  Additionally, you might be told by some jewellers that CAD/CAM is not used by real jewellers - anyone who tells you that "CAD is great for companies that only use pre-cast parts" is simply trying to hide behind a veneer of misunderstanding and fear. CAD/CAM systems are used by many of the worlds major high quality jewellers. The learning curve to using this technology is very steep and these extremely complex systems do not use pre-cast parts - all of our designs are drawn, if you like, not using pencils but using a mouse, entirely from scratch.

Unique commitment rings

Commitment ring case study

The Brief

A couple came to us with a very specific symbol that they wanted to be repeated around a traditional style band.  However they wanted the symbol to be different on each ring in some way - a variation on the same theme.  They had no set budget.

The Design

We copied the symbol into the computer and wrapped it round a simple band.   Fig. 1 shows the initial result.  We created two variations of the pattern, one by stretching the symbol and widening it, and another by embossing the symbol on one ring and engraving it on the other - like a positive and negative of the same pattern.

Unique commitment rings

We consulted the Clients to make sure we were on the right lines - they liked the designs, but wanted to make a change or two - on one of the rings they wanted an engraved copy of the heart rate of one of the partners.  We made some modifications and completed the design.  One final check by email and the designs were finalised.

The Manufacture

As these engravings were very fine, and the partner who wanted the finer of teh two engravings didn't know if they wanted the embossed or engraved version, we made some models in silver first (these can be seen in the designing your commitment rings section above). The couple deecided that the engraved version was best.  We then went ahead and made the chosen rings casting in 18ct yellow gold. The rings were cleaned and finished at our workshop.  As soon as they could, the clients came over to see us and collect the rings, which were exactly what they had envisaged.

Unusual Commitment rings - gallery

We have made 1000's of rings - here are just a few examples

18ct White gold commitment rings with 22ct yellow gold inlays and diamonds in brushed finish.

Chunky silver patterned ring with asymmetrical hearts and diamonds pattern made as a special commission His partner bought one of our standard flat hammered bands in 9ct rose gold

Flat hammered wedding rings we make by hand as standard ready to wear in silver and 9ct and 18ct yellow, white and red gold.  Bands 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm widths.  These make great cost effective commitment rings for couples.

Our halo rings, 1.5mm or 2mm wide in silver, 9ct, 18ct white and yellow gold or platinum - shiney, hammered, matt finishes.  We also make them from square wire, 1.5mm and 2mm widths.

D shaped bands 2.5mm to 12mm wide in silver, 9ct, 18ct white and yellow gold or platinum - shiney, hammered, matt finishes.
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