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Tulip engagement ring

Unusual Bespoke Engagement Rings

Atelier Design is one of the leading bespoke engagement ring designers in the UK. Every ring we make is unique to each client's style and budget

Atelier Design is run by one of the leading jewellery CAD designers in the UK. Our expert knowledge and wide range of experience means that we can help you with any design from ultra contemporary modern to unusual engagement rings based on a Roman or Greek design or any vintage style.

Why choose a bespoke engagement ring?

Simple really. In many cases, bespoke rings weight for weight don't cost any more than a mass produced ring bought from a high street jeweller, but we can give you better design and quality.

More importantly, this is a ring you will wear all your life - shouldn't it be perfect and original just to you?

We believe that you should have EXACTLY the engagement ring you want.  Its your celebration of love. Make it unique !

See our guide to commissioning bespoke engagement rings, an introduction to how we design engagement rings and our engagment ring case studies.  Click the following link if you want to know a little about the history of engagement rings

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Testimonial - Dallas, USA
I popped the question on April 17 and she hasn't stopped talking about the ring. Thank you thank you thank you! It is so wonderful. Meryle is so amazed at the craftsmanship of the ring. I'm so thankful to you and your crew for the ideas and hard work

Our Gallery Of Bespoke Made Engagement Rings

We have made 1000s of engagement rings - here are just a few examples
Remember, we never make the same ring twice if it is a commission, but we can
make a ring based on anything you see on our site so it is unique to you
Please note - prices are estimates at the time of inclusion in the gallery

Solitaire Engagement Rings  
Shaped Bezel Ring

A 0.6ct D VVS2 diamond set into a styled floating bezel to create this contemporary solitaire ring commissioned in platinum

A ring like this is quite robust and can be made in any metal starting from around £300 plus the cost of the diamond in silver

Solitaire tension set ring

A tension set solitaire with a 0.75ct D VS1 white diamond in a double band style commissioned in platinum

This style of ring could be made with any size diamond starting from around £1800 in platinum, though it could be made in palladium starting from around £1000

solitaire claw set ring

An unusual solitaire natural fancy cognac diamond set in an 8 swirled claw, commissioned18ct yellow gold ring.

A ring in a similar style could be made using 9ct gold and would start at around £575 plus the cost of the diamond required.

Open Wrap Ring

A solitaire engagement ring with an open setting showining the whole dismond from one angle as it appears to float in the setting. The diamond pictured is 0.33ct.

This ring can be repeated as it is one that we designed for our collection. It will remain quite exclusive as we will only make a limited amount. We recommend a minimum of 9ct gold and 0,33ct diamond which will start around £1000

Wrap Ring

An unusual fully enclosed wrap ring, this one with a 1.5ct diamond commissioned in platinum. 

This style of ring could be made with a smaller diamond and in any metal. Prices would start from around £300 plus the cost of the diamond chosen (or other stone is you don't want a diamond).

heart shaped engagement ring

A heart shaped diamond bezel set into an off-set platinum ring. 

This style of ring could again be made in any metal using any shape stone, so prices would be from around £250 for a ring like this plus the cost of the stone that you want.

traditional solitaire diamond ring

We can make standard solitaire engagement rings in 9ct, 14ct and 18ct white/yellow gold, palladium or platinum from around £400 plus the cost of your chosen diamond or other stone. 

We DO NOT use any precast parts - each ring will be bespoke made exactly to your specification with standard claws, prong or bezel setting

princess cut solitaire

A bezel set 0.45ct princess cut diamond ring commissioned in 18ct white gold.

This style of ring can be made in any metal from around £300 plus the cost of your chosen stone


Twist Engagement Ring

A solitaire ring commissioned in platinum with a 0.85ct F VVS2 white diamond set in a split bezel. The twisted shoulders give this design an unusual interesting look.

Rings can be made in this style in gold, palladium or platinum starting at around £550 plus the cost of your chosen stone

Solitaire Diamond Ring

A bespoke made solitaire ring commissioned in 18ct white gold. The diamond was 0.33ct DEF/VS.

A ring like this one is best made in 18ct gold and prices would start at around £1500

Contemporary Engagement Rings
We have made 1000's of rings - here are just a few examples of our work - more can be seen above
3 Band Ring

A beautiful three band engagement ring, this one commissioned in 18ct white and rose gold with a 0.07ct cognac diamond and flanking white diamonds

A ring in this style would start from around £600 plus the cost of the stones.

Moonstone Engagement Ring

This white gold modern moonstone and amethyst wrap around contemporary ring was made for a couple as a gift from him to her on her 30th birthday (moonstone is her birthstone). When they collected the ring - she was so pleased with it, he decided to ask her to marry him. So the birthday ring became an engagement ring - unique and for her only - we will never repeat this design exactly

A ring similar to this one would start from around £800

Organic Ring

This complex contemporary ring was commissioned in18ct white gold.  The client wanted to create organic "branches" with diamonds and sapphires were set within the branches, like a twisted vine, but with clean lines

Rings like this one start from around £2200

Coloured Diamond Rings We made a series of 5 rings for our won collection with natural fancy coloured diamonds and a white diamonds in yellow and white gold and platinum. We could remake this deign with your choice of stones starting at around £1200 pllus the cost of the stones.
Patterned Sapphire Ring

A patterned engagement ring with a sapphire commissioned in silver. the band was 8mm wide and the pattern resembled cracked ice.

A ring in this style could be made in any metal and would start at around £375 plus the cost of your chosen stone.

Contemporary Engagement Ring

An "anticlastic" (concave) ring with three small diamonds commissioned in platinum.

This was quite a heavt ring in platinum which would start from around £1800, though a similar ring could be made iin silver from around £300

2 hearts ring

This lovely little ring was commissioned in 18ct white gold to the customer's own design. The centre stone was a 0.3ct G SI1 bezel set diamond

A ring of similar design would start from around £900 plus the cost of your chosen stone

Unusual Engagement Rings
We have made 1000's of rings - here are just a few examples of our work - more can be seen above
Feather Ring

A fabulous feather ring with split shank design set with four 1.2mm diamonds commissioned in platinum.

A ring like this is best in a harder metal like 18ct gold, platinum or palladium and prices for a ring similar to this one would start from around £850

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

An art deco style ring with a large 6ct aquamaring and four baguette diamonds commissioned in platinum.

This style of ring is usually metal intensive, but it can be made in any metal.  Prices would be from around £700 (silver) plus the cost of your chosen stones

Rough Diamond Ring

A very unusual ring with a reddish 5ct rough balas (ball) diamond set in 18ct rose gold flanked by two brilliant cut diamonds set in rose gold. The main ring shank in 18ct white gold, a solid 17g worth without the stones.

This style of ring can be made using any metal, so prices are from around £700 (silver) plus the cost of your chosen stone

Rough Diamond Ring

This ring, called "African Sunset", was commissioned in 18ct white gold using rough diamonds.  This was the ladies ring of a pair.  Its partner ring is below.

This type of ring is best made in 18ct gold, platinum or palladium and prices start at sround £450 plus the cost of your dhosen stones

Rough Diamond Ring

This ring, called the "Lion Of Africa" was commissioned in 22ct gold as a commitment ring for a man.  This ring is part of a pair, the ladies ring is above.

This ring was very intensive in design and metal, though we have made several rings in this vein, mostly in silver.  Design fees start at £400 for this level of work and then the material and manufacturing costs are additional

Recycled Diamond Ring

A pair of silver rings with gold accents made using the customers own diamonds recycled from heirloom rings set in 18ct gold bezels.  One is a wedding ring and the other an engagememnt ring, though she never decided which was which.

Rings in this style would start from around £900

Unusual Contemporary Engagement Ring

A beautiful fretwork ring commissioned in platinum with a natural fancy 1.34ct deep orangy brown cognac diamond.  The fretworking was the customers own design which she drew roughly and we interpretted.

A ring like this one is quite fine so it should be made in 18ct gold, platinum or palladium - prices would start fromm around £750

Unusual Split Ring

A very unusual split shank engagememnt ring commissioned in 14ct white gold for a 0.6ct diamond supplied by the customer.

Ring styles like these are heavier than average but very wearable. They can be made in any metal and prices start from arounf £700 (silver) excluding your chosen stones

Bespoke Diamond Engagement Rings
We have made 1000's of rings - here are just a few examples of our work - more can be seen above
Tulip Ring

This is without a doubt the ring that we get asked about most. It was one of our first CAD commissions several years ago.  We have made rings based on this one, none of them repeated exactly again, for clients all over the world using a variety of stones and claw styles and configurations. It was made in mixed metals, platinum and rose gold with a 1.7ct cognac diamond and white diamonds in the claws

These rings have to be made in a hard metal and start from around £650 inpalladium

Brown Diamond Ring

Another Deco style ring commissioned in platinum using natural fancy brown princess cut diamonds.

Rings in this style should be made in a minimum of 9ct gold, though it could be made in silver if it would only receive light wear.  In gold, prices would start from around £650 plus the cost of your chosen stones

Fancy Diamond Ring

A bezel and channel set diamond engagement ring with a 1.02ct dark reddish brown diamond as the centre stone. This ring was commissioned in 18ct white gold.

Rings in this style are again quite substantial, though they can be made comfortably in softer metals with a few minor modifications. Prices would start from around £700 (silver)

diamond engagement ring

This is probably the most sparkly ring we have ever designed - this picture does not do it justice at all.  Based around a format that we had previously made, this three band style ring is approximately 10mm wide and carries approximately 4ct of DEF/VVS diamonds, the centre stone being approximately 0.55ct.  It was made in platinum.

This style of ring can be made in softer metals and prices would start at around £1000 plus the cost of any stones.


How to commission a bespoke engagement ring

Engagement rings don't have to be all about diamonds. Within reason you can have any stone you choose (although we'll advise you if a stone is not hard enough to sustain day to day wear or is otherwise unsuitable in any way).

Things to consider when choosing engagement rings include:

DESIGN:   An engagement ring will need to fit with your lifestyle and personality, as well as fitting your budget. Like clothes , jewellery is a statement of your personal style. Would you like your ring to be:

  • Traditional - perhaps a symmetrical cluster head or prong/claw set solitare
  • Contemporary modern symmetrical - a tension or wide style set stone or perhaps a bezel set solitare
  • Contemporary asymetrical : A pattern or stones scattered across your finger in a random style, or a single stone offset in an asymetrical band

METAL:   Another important consideration for your choice of engagement ring is metal. Your choice of metal will be down to colour preferance, durability and budget.  See our metal guide for the main types of metal used in jewellery, along with some basic facts about them.

GEMSTONES:   Here at Atelier, we have a great deal of knowledge about stones.  We can often show you stones that most jewellers don't even know about, let alone source.  We have a wide range of trusted and experienced stone dealers whom we use to get you the best prices, and the best quality stones available whatever your budget.  If you want a ruby, we'll find you at least four or five to choose from in varying shades within the price range you choose. 

You want diamonds? Choose from white or "fancy" diamonds in yellow, pink, brown, black, blue, orange, green or even purple. Don't like modern cuts ? No worries - we have cutters who can produce traditional or more subtle cuts such as rose cut, or be daring and choose an engagement ring set with an uncut diamond in its natural state. 

We can show you a world of star sapphires and rubies, rough diamonds and other unusual and hard to source gemstones.  See our gemstone guides by following these links - diamond guide , other gemstones , understanding gemstones , gemstone lore

HOW MUCH SHOULD I SPEND ON A BESPOKE ENGAGEMENT RING:  Now there is a question we get asked a lot. Various aspects of tradition dictate that you should spend at least one months salary, some say two or three months. We say, spend what is right and comfortable for you. Getting engaged is a time to celebrate, not be worrying about how much you've run up on your credit card. We've made engagement rings for as little as 250, and we've also had customers who have spent into the high thousands - which ever it is, remember, its the sentiment behind the ring that matters. Some couples even opt for simple silver engagement rings more in keeping with a "credit crunch engagement".  So whatever your budget, talk to us, we can help you find the perfect solution.

With us, the world is your oyster - all we ask if you guide us along the way so we can produce the engagement ring of your dreams.

Wrap Ring

Designing unique engagement rings

Many of our clients come to us when all else has failed - they've tried traditional jewellers, and even looked at bespoke jewellers who specialise in wedding and engagement ring design and drawn a blank.   Why?  Most jewellers still rely on hand drawn images to show you how your finished commission will look leaving a bridge between their drawing and your imagination.

Whilst we too can draw designs by hand, our state of the art CAD/CAM (computer aided design /manufacture) technology leaves nothing to your imagination - using our design knowledge and expertise we can create, with ease, jewellery that many master goldsmiths would find challenging or impossible - and most importantly, before we've even sat down at the jewellers bench to start work you'll have seen beautiful photographic quality images of your piece which will only be bettered by the real thing.

You might think this sounds expensive, but actually it saves our time and resources and in turn saves your money.  Additionally, you might be told by some bespoke jewellers that CAD/CAM is not used by real jewellers - anyone who tells you that "CAD is great for companies that only use pre-cast parts" is simply trying to hide behind a veneer of misunderstanding and fear. CAD/CAM systems are used by many of the worlds major high quality jewellers. The learning curve to using this technology is very steep and not many can achieve the high level of skill we have developed.  Also, these extremely complex systems do not use pre-cast parts - all of our designs are drawn, if you like, not using pencils but using a mouse, entirely from scratch.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring - Your Own Concept

Whilst we are more than happy to design a bespoke ring for you, we also encourage you to come to us with a ready designed concept of what you want. We've seen drawn sketches, and plasticine models, and anything you can put together works to give us a clearer concept of what you want. Whatever happens you'll be advised and involved with the design and manufacture of your bespoke ring all the way along. Clients sometimes ask if they can come in and watch their ring being made - we normally gently suggest you don't do this as making your ring may take many hours, but we will ask you to come and sit at the gallery whilst we put the finishing touches to your bespoke design. This may take some time, depending on the complexity of your design, so we will always keep you refreshed with a selection of organic teas, coffee, hot chocolate or any thing else that takes your fancy!
Raindrop Ring

Engagement Rings  - a case study

The Brief

A couple came to see us for an engagement ring which they wanted to act as both engagement and wedding ring combined.

Following initial direction from the couple which, in this case, involved them showing us pictures of rings they liked from magazines and from the internet, we discussed the possibilities of how the ring might look.  As there was to be no traditional style wedding ring, we suggested three separate bands combined in the same shank symbolic of an engagement ring, a wedding ring and an eternity ring.  They liked this idea, but wanted to include lots of diamonds in the design, and two colours of metal.

The Design

With their ideas firmly at the forefront, we used the computer to produce a 3D model of a three band ring with diamonds in a modern settng (see fig.1 below).  Then we prepared a series of renders (computer generated pictures - see fig.2 below) to show them what the finished ring would look like.

Case Study 1, Fig1     Case Study 1, Fig2

The clients loved the design and made an appointment to come and see us to finalise it.  They had decided to use just platinum instead of the mixed metal, but asked if we could suggest anything to add more colour to the ring.  We suggested coloured diamonds and re-rendered the ring with assorted coloured diamonds in different positions.  They settled on cognac diamonds as the best choice in the positions as you can see in fig. 3.  This left the symmetry of the ring unbalanced, so we added some smaller diamonds to the ring and it wasn't long before everyone agreed that this bespoke design was perfect - the final render can be seen in fig.4

Case Study 1 Fig3    Case Study 1 Fig 4

The Gemstones

Now it was time to find the actual diamonds that we were going to use in the ring. We needed 12 diamonds for this design, nine white and three cognac, each one a different size. 

We sourced three sets of white diamonds which were matched to the exact sizes in the ring design.  A group of DEF VVS (high white colour, very very slightly included) diamonds were selected by the clients with our help to complete the ring to the best possible quality within the budget.

We also sourced about 30 examples of natural fancy cognac diamonds directly from one of our suppiers in Antwerp.  We advised that choice should be made on colour (in this case reddish brown) and intensity of colour. Three diamonds, a 0.41ct for the centre stone, a 0.23ct for the top right in the picture and a 0.13ct  for the bottom left, were selected.

The Manufacture

So now we had all the components we could proceed with making this unusual engagement ring. We finalised our CAD design using the exact diamond sizes and made the ring casting in platinum. The ring was cleaned, set with the diamonds and finished at our workshop. As soon as they could, the lucky couple came over to see us to collect their bespoke ring, which was absolutley stunning and, even better, came in under budget

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