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Unusual Eternity Rings

Atelier Design is run by one of the UK's leading jewellery CAD artists. Our wide range of experience means that we can help you with any design from the ultra modern, to a ring based on a roman or greek design, Georgian, arts and crafts, art deco or modernist post war styles.

An eternity ring is traditionally a dress ring, but has come to signify a milestone of marriage (usually 5 years minimum).  It can be tailored to fit around an engagement ring, made in any metal with any texture, pattern or inscription on it (either by hand or using our state of the art CAD/CAM).  Whilst the gemstones are usually diamonds, it can have any gemstones in it and be of any shape or size you desire.

You can see our unusual eternity ring gallery here, our guide to choosing eternity rings here, our introduction to how we design eternity rings here and our unusual eternity ring case study here

Choosing eternity rings

Things to consider when choosing your eternity ring include:

DESIGN:   like any ring, eternity rings will need to fit with your lifestyle and personality, as well as fitting your budget.  Like clothes , jewellery is a statement of your personal style. Would you like your eternity ring to be:

  • Traditional full eternity- full eternity band with a ring of gemstones (usually diamonds) set all around it
  • Half eternity ring - eternity band with gemstones set half way round
  • Modern - textured, patterned, stone set, asymmetrical, chunky, your own design, etc
  • Designed - To fit around an existing engagement ring, or to be designed with the engagement ring, a matching pair or maybe an eternity engagement ring combined for couples who have been together a significant period of time and have announced their engagement to be married

METAL:   Another important consideration for your choice of eternity ring is metal. Your choice of metal will be down to colour preferance, durability and budget.  See our metal guide for the main types of metal used in jewellery, along with some basic facts about them.

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Designing our unique eternity rings

Many of our clients come to us when all else has failed - they've tried traditional jewellers, and even looked at jewellers who specialise in unique eternity ring design and drawn a blank.  Why?  Most jewellers still rely on hand drawn images to show you how your finished commission will look leaving a bridge between their drawing and your imagination.

Whilst we too can draw designs by hand and manufacture by hand, our state of the art CAD/CAM (computer aided design /manufacture) technology leaves nothing to your imagination - using our design knowledge and expertise we can create, with ease, jewellery that many master goldsmiths would find challenging or impossible - and most importantly, before we've even sat down at the jewellers bench to start work you'll have seen beautiful photographic quality images of your piece which will only be bettered by the real thing.

You might think this sounds expensive, but actually it saves our time and resources and in turn saves your money.  Additionally, you might be told by some jewellers that CAD/CAM is not used by real jewellers - anyone who tells you that "CAD is great for companies that only use pre-cast parts" is simply trying to hide behind a veneer of misunderstanding and fear. CAD/CAM systems are used by many of the worlds major high quality jewellers. The learning curve to using this technology is very steep whihc means that few jewellers can use it effectively.  Additionally, these extremely complex systems do not use pre-cast parts - all of our designs are drawn, if you like, not using pencils but using a mouse, entirely from scratch.

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Unusual Eternity ring case study

The Brief

A client came to see us with a sapphire and diamond ring and matching earrings in 18ct yellow gold.  She didn't like the original design, but the jewellery had setimental value, so she wanted to remodel the stones into an eternity ring.  She had no particular budget and no ideas for the design but she knew she didn't want a traditional style eternity ring.

The Design

There were 14 sapphires and 9 usable diamonds from the original jewellery.   We started with a few quick hand drawn diagrams of the type of unique enternity rings she could have.  There were enough sapphires for a full eternity ring if they were spaced evenly around a simple band, but we already knew this would be too traditional looking.  So we showed her a rough drawing of this unusual half eternity ring.  She loved the idea and commissioned us to start designs using the computer.  Fig. 1 below shows the result.

bespoke eternity rings

We consulted the Client to make sure we were on the right lines - she thought it was amazing!  She needed three more diamonds to complete the design, which we provided before we moved to the manufacture.

The Manufacture

We finalised our CAD design and made the ring casting in 18ct yellow gold. The ring was cleaned, set with the sapphires and diamonds, then finished at our workshop.  The client was overwhelmed with the finished ring and when she came to collect it, she brought some lovely flowers - also, for such an unusual eternity ring, it cost less than she was expecting so that was a great bonus.

Unusual Eternity Rings - here are a few more of our unusual eternity rings

A bespoke wrap around channel set eternity ring in 18ct white gold with 0.66ct DEF/VS diamonds made as a special commission.

Traditional style emerald eternity ring in 18ct yellow gold, made using the client's own emeralds.  The ring was approximately 4mm wide

A very unusual full eternity ring with 1.03ct total of DEF/VS diamonds set in a bespoke designed platinum ring.  This was designed as a special commission
A half eternity ring with 0.04ct and 0.01ct diamonds gypsy set in 9ct white gold rhodium plated - This was designed as a special commission

This bespoke eternity ring was a special commission in platinum with 36 x 0.03ct DEF/VVS diamonds totalling 1.08 carats.

One of our unusual eternity ring designs - a twist on the traditional eternity ring using bezel set gemstones joined in a continuous band.  This example is 18ct yellow gold with 0.4 carats of cognac diamonds, but you can have any metal and any gemstone, and this can be modified to a half eternity so we can fit this design around your budget
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