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Our Unusual Engagement Rings

Atelier Design is one of the leading unusual engagement ring designers in the UK.  We make engagement rings for people all over the world, each one unique to the client's style and budget - see the galleries below

What makes an engagement ring unusual?

Most engagement rings you see on the high street are made from component parts in their millions, often abroad, from inferior materials.  Basically, they all look the same !  This means that most people have very similar looking engagement rings ... and this is where someone like us comes in.

We can make you ANY ring you want; from a contemporary modern design to one that is based on antique or vintage styles.  You can literally have anything - if you can dream it, we can make it. And if you have an idea but can't express it, we can help you turn it into reality.

More importantly, this is a ring you will wear all your life - shouldn't it be perfect and original just to you?

So why choose an unusual engagement ring from us?

Simple really. In many cases, our bespoke rings weight for weight don't cost any more than a mass produced ring bought from a high street jeweller, but we can give you much better quality design and components such as the metal and stones.  Also, you are not restricted to what you can see in our gallery of unusual rings - in fact we never make the same ring twice.

Atelier supplies UK sourced metal and guaranteed conflict free gemstones - see our metal and gemstone guides for more information.  We design and make everything in house using both traditional methods and we are experts with cutting edge CAD technology.  All our staff have degrees from respected jewellery courses and our head designer is regarded as a world authority on 20th Century jewellery, having written many published articles and papers.

See our guide to commissioning engagement rings, an introduction to how we design engagement rings and our engagment rings case studies.  Click the following link if you want to know a little about the history of engagement rings

Unusual Engagement Rings Gallery

We have made thousands of beautiful rings, here are just a few examles of what we can do

Our Tulip Ring A 1.7ct fancy cut, SI1 cognac diamond with excellent brown orange colour set in 18ct rose gold and brushed platinum ring.  Each rising "claw" of the platinum ring  is set with a VS white diamond, two 0.15ct and four 0.04ct.  This unique unusual engagement ring was stunning in every way
twisted shoulder ring A solitaire ring in platinum with a 0.85ct F VVS2 white diamond set in a split bezel.  The twisted shoulders give this design an unusual interesting look.
Green Diamond Ring This 18ct white gold ring has a 0.5ct natural fancy green diamond as the centre stone and four small diamonds in the tips of the claws. The photo really doesn't do it justice - It looks better in the flesh
Sparkly Diamond Engagement Ring This ring was made in 18ct white gold - the centre stone was 0.6ct and the total diamond weight of the ring was just short of 4ct. The brief was to make something similar to one that the client had seen on our site, but with alot more sparkle !
Aquamarine Engagement Ring A ring in 14ct yellow gold with heavy rising claws and a double band.  The stone was a 12ct aquamarine which looked absolutely exquisite in this unusual setting
Split Ring An unusual 14ct white gold split ring with a 0.6ct white diamond and four tiny diamonds. The commission brief was to make something completely unusual, so we came up with this and the client loved it.
Fretwork Engagement Ring This fabulous engagement ring was made in platinum.  The complex fretwork was drawn by the customer and translated in CAD onto the ring.  The solitaire was a beautiful natural fancy 1.33ct deep orangy brown cognac diamond
Diamond Engagement Ring Another natural fancy diamond, a dark reddish brown 1.02ct with a fancy cushion cut set into 18ct white gold with white diamonds surrounding it in a bespoke channel setting
Princess Cut Diamond Ring

A 0.45ct princess cut diamond, F VS2, bezel set into an 18ct white gold ring with tapered and accented shoulders - we made a great wedding ring to go round this setting too - it will be on our wedding ring page soon.

Unusual Solitaire Engagement Ring

An unusual swirled eight claw solitaire engagement ring set with a 1.4ct solitaire champagne diamond.  This commission was made in 18ct gold for the customers own diamond

Double Shank Ring

Tension set 0.7ct D VVS1 white diamond solitaire in a double shank platinum engagement ring designed to the customers specifications.

unusual engagement ring
We made this ring in platinum as a wedding and engagement ring combined. It has 3 natural fancy reddish brown diamonds and 9 white diamonds.  For more information, this unusual ring is one of our unusual engagement rings case studies
Pink Diamond Ring

This contemporary solitaire engagement ring was designed around the customers own 0.2ct pink diamond bought from the Argyl diamond mine in Australia.

The ring was made in 9ct white gold

Shaped Bezel Ring A contemporary engagment ring in platinum with a 0.6ct D/VVS diamond made as a special commission
Heart engagement ring
This unusual heart ring with a 0.4ct bezel set diamond was commissioned in 18ct white gold and had two tiny diamonds set just below each heart
Closed Wrap Ring A 1.5ct diamond set in a wrap around modern solitaire engagement ring setting.  The setting was designed around the customers own diamond in 18ct white gold
Open Wrap Ring A solitare diamond set in an open wrap around setting.  This design used a 0.33ct diamond in 18ct white gold.
3 Band Ring
Commissioned three band contemporary engagement ring; 18ct white gold outer bands fused with 18ct rose gold centre band with a 0.07ct cognac diamond bezel set in rose gold as the centre stone and two flanking bezel set 0.03ct white diamonds.
Moonstone Engagement Ring

This white gold modern moonstone and amethyst wrap around contemporary ring was made for a couple as a gift from him to her on her 30th birthday (moonstone is her birthstone).  When they collected the ring - she was so pleased with it, he decided to ask her to marry him.  So the birthday ring became an engagement ring - unique and for her only - we will never repeat this design exactly

Organic Engagement Ring

This 18ct white gold contemporary engagement ring was made as a special commission.  A series of organic "branches" were created and then diamonds and sapphires were set within the branches.

A contemporary style engagement ring in platinum with a heart shaped diamond made as a bespoke commission
Coloured Diamond Rings These unusual coloured diamond engagement rings were made by us in a limited edition of five - 2 in 18ct yellow gold, 2 in 18ct white gold and 1 in platinum.  Three colours of diamonds, white, canary and champagne were used totalling 0.93ct all set in soft cup shaped bezels.
Patterned Sapphire Ring An unusual contemporary engagement ring in textured silver with a 0.5ct false tension set square cut sapphire.  This solid and unique engagement ring used one of our CAD textures called "cracked ice" which went all the way round the 8mm band
Contemporary Engagement Ring A contemporary platinum engagement ring with 3 small diamonds made as a commission
Rough Diamond Ring A very unusual engagement ring with a 5ct rough balas (ball) diamond set in 18ct rose gold flanked by two brilliant cut diamonds set in rose gold.  The main ring shank in 18ct white gold, a solid 17g worth without the stones.
Aquamarine Engagement Ring Engagement rings don't have to be all about diamonds.  This beautiful art deco vintage style engagement ring has a large 6 carat flawless natural blue aquamarine set in 18ct white gold with 4 flanking baguette white diamonds
Feather Ring A beautiful and unusual engagement ring commissioned by a US client whose fiance was an ornathologist.  He asked for a bespoke ring with a feather design in platinum with 4 small diamonds, this is our interpretation of his ideal and totally unique ring, which she adored when she said yes
Recycled Diamond Ring We were asked to design and mount several diamonds from three old rings belonging to the client into a engagement ring and matching wedding ring to be worn as a pair.  She specifically wanted a bespoke design like a ring in the shop that had gold balls melted into silver.  These rings were hand forged in silver, with 18ct gold balls on them and the diamonds set in 18ct gold bezels.  She never did decide which was the engagement ring and which was the wedding ring! 

Rough Diamond Ring
Rough Diamond Ring

Two amazing bespoke rings made for an African politician and his wife. the ladies ring called "African Sunset" in white gold and the gents signet ring called "Lion Of Africa" in 22ct gold.  These rings feature 14 rough diamonds ... read on for more information.

These rings came about since we have become involved in a programme set up by one of our friends, a diamond collector and dealer, who in his work visits some of the war torn areas of North East Africa.  He was so moved by the plight of the villagers following the civil war in Sierra Leone, he set up a charity and has provided some of his profits towards a school and the local football team for the villages that were disrupted by the RUF during the occupation of the diamond mines and forced working regimes in the area.

His efforts have been recognised by the now stable government in the region and prompted a visit to the school by a member of the government. The villagers wanted to make a gift of some small rough diamonds to him and his wife during their visit (properly certificated through the Kimberly Process prior to making the gift) which our friend offered to make into rings for them. He asked us to make two rings using the stones which would be special - and upon hearing the story, we we we of course charged no fee for the designs which were finished by African craftsmen, our friend providing the resources for their manufacture.

It is our intention to add a section to this site for rough diamonds so the charity can be serviced by the sale of these amazing stones to the public under the banner "Not Rough Trade"

Cognac Diamond Ring An unusual art deco style engagement ring with natural fancy brown diamonds set in platinum.  The graduated diamonds total weight was 0.62ct
Ring Set This engagement ring / wedding ring set was made to the customers own specification in 18ct yellow gold (outer bands) and white gold (centre band and bezel) with a 0.65ct VS white diamond which we supplied. 

Just before the wedding, the customer came back and commissioned the two separate 18ct white gold wedding rings which fit either side of the engagement ring to make it a 5 band engagement-wedding ring set.
Two Tone Ring This two tone engagement ring was made for a customer in 18ct white and yellow gold with a bezel set 0.4ct VVS white diamond as the centre stone and seven 0.03ct VVS white diamonds bezel set to join the split two tone bands
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