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Our Unusual Wedding Rings

Atelier Design's unusual wedding rings are probably unsurpassed in the UK. In fact, we make wedding rings for people worldwide, each one custom made to the client's style and budget - see our galleries below

What makes a wedding ring unusual?

There are companies who offer standard, traditional wedding rings and wedding rings that are patterned or engraved. Now there's nothing wrong with that, and we can make those too. But in most cases these are mass produced, often abroad, so there is nothing really unusual or unique about them - anyone could have one the same as yours, even your next door neighbour !

With us you can literally have any ring you want - if you can dream it, we can make it.  And if you have a concept of your own but can't express it, we can interpret and create your perfect ring.

Most of all, this ring will be a part of you for the rest of your life - it should be ideal and original to you and you alone

So why choose a wedding ring from us?

Well, thats easy. In many instances, our custom made wedding rings cost no more than a mass produced ring of similar weight in a high street jewellers but you will get superior design, better alloyed British metals and higher quality gemstones.  Additionally, you won't be limited to the wedding rings in our gallery - you can design your own wedding ring, no matter how roughly drawn, or we can help you create one that you love from scratch

Here at Atelier we guarantee UK metals and conflict free gemstones - for more information see our metal and gemstone guides.  All design and manufacture is carried out in house using both traditional methods and we are considered one of the foremost experts with the latest computer aided jewellery design CAD technology.  Our experienced staff have honours degrees from respected jewellery courses and our head designer is considered an authority on 20th century jewellery, having several published articles and papers to her name, so she can help you with any design from contemporary modern to vintage

For more information about how we make our jewellery, see our guides to choosing wedding rings, an introduction to how we design wedding rings and our wedding rings case studies

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Unusual Wedding Rings - Gallery

We have made 1000's of rings - here are a few examples

matching wedding rings 03 This matching set of wedding rings were made in silver.  They have the Japanese symbol for "Eternal" on them and feature in one of our wedding rings case studies
Celtic Dog Wedding Rings Unusual pair of celtic dog wedding rings - this bespoke design was commissioned in silver
matching wedding rings A pair of matching commitment wedding rings made in 18ct white and 22ct yellow gold inlays with diamonds
An unusual wedding ring with an embossed winged design commissioned in 14ct yellow gold
Skull Wedding Ring
Engraved Wedding Ring

An interesting pair of bespoke and totally unique, unusual wedding rings made for a barraster and his bride to be, a legal secretary, both keen Harley Davidson riders.

His, a skull wedding ring in silver, weighing in at 23g, has a "night rider" skull head with the words "Forever" embossed either side.

Hers in platinum, weighing in at a solid 11g, has the words "IN OMNE TEMPUS" in an old font engraved on the outer ring.

Both have the sentiment " Weresoever you go - go with all your heart" engraved on the inside if the rings

matching wedding rings 01 A matching pair of commitment wedding rings with an engraved and embossed with a bespoke pattern- these were a silver model for the real rings which can be seen on the commitment rings case study
Handmade Wedding Rings A matching pair of handmade wedding rings in 9ct white gold.  These were both 10mm wide and were planished with a large and medium ball pein hammer to produce the texture.  The ladies ring had 10 tiny diamonds which were flush set in an offset line.
18ct gold wedding rings A matching pair of wedding rings in 18ct Yellow Gold with celtic and Mayan influenced designs to compliment the bride and groom who were Irish and Columbian.  They chose the symbols, we helped them consolidate the design - and the rings look superb
Fleur De Lis Wedding Ring Our Fleur De Lis Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold.  This is a favourite; and we have made several Fleur De Lis rings like this, each one totally individual as there are many fleur de lis designs to choose from
Silver Engreaved Wedding Ring Fede (Latin for "faithful") and diamonds - a bespoke wwedding ring in silver, sanblasted for the matt effect.
Bespoke engraved wedding ring Gents split line patterned wedding ring, 8mm wide in 9ct white gold - a special commission based on the customer's own design
Patterned wedding ring An unusual wedding ring, patterned with a picture of a sand dune and set with 5 tiny diamonds - made as a special commission
Patterned wedding ring Rough, stream eddy water patterned wedding ring, 10mm wide flat band in silver.  Made as a special one off patterned wedding ring commission
Patterned Wedding Ring Rough, reticulated patterned wedding ring, 4mm wide in silver.  Made as a one off patterned wedding ring commission
Bespoke Celtic Wedding Rings A pair of unusual wedding rings with a bespoke celtic style pattern designed by the client. These rings were engraved on the inside with their names
Matching Wedding Rings Unusual wedding rings patterned with the client's own personal engravings inside and outside of the bands.  The ladies band had 3 diamonds flush set into the band.
Unusual Wedding Engagement Ring Set

We were asked to design and mount several diamonds from three old rings belonging to the client into a wedding ring and engagement ring to be worn as a pair.  She specifically wanted a design like a ring in the shop that had gold balls melted into silver.

These rings were hand forged in silver, with 18ct gold balls on them and the diamonds set in 18ct gold bezels.  She never did decide which was the engagement ring and which was the wedding ring ! 

Unusual Wedding Engagement Ring

An unusual engagement and wedding ring combined.  The client  wanted a contemporary modern heavy weight wedding ring with a twist, and her husband bought the diamond in secret to be incorporated into the ring design - she loved it

You can see how we made this unusual wedding ring in our case studies

Unusual Wedding Ring An unusual wedding ring in 18ct white gold - designed using conjoined circles and set with 12 diamonds all round - this was made as a special commission
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